Technical Visit

We are pleased to announce that another technical visit to "Daitokuji" is now available at ICRCS registration!!

Technical visit 1: Nishi Hongwanji Temple

Nishi Hongwanji Temple is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the head temples of the Hongwanji sect of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. The temple grounds are lined with architectural masterpieces including the Amidado and the Karamon (National Treasure of Japan), which makes it a must-see spot for sightseeing in Kyoto. This tour will also include the special viewing of the Hiunkaku (Flying Cloud Pavilion), one of the three most famous pavilions in Japan. The restoration works have been commenced since 2017, and the detailed description of works will be explained in this tour.

Hiunkaku (Flying Cloud Pavilion)
Amidado (Hall of Amida Buddha)
Goeido (Founder's Hall)

Technical visit 2: Daitokuji Temple Historical buildings preservation and restoration

Daitokuji Temple is one of the head temples of Rinzaishu Buddhism, built in 1315.
In the tour, the restoration work of the main building, “Hojo”, designated as National Treasure, can be seen. It must be a great opportunity to see and learn the essence of traditional construction works in Japan. The temple consists of 22 small Zen temple buildings (some are Important Cultural Properties of Japan) and Zen gardens. The tour would be highlighted with picturesque gardens inside of four small Zen temples; Daisen-In, Koutou-In, Zuihou-In and Ryougen-In.

NOTE 1: Please be notified that there is a possibility of change in schedule or cancellation, depending on COVID-19 circumstances.

NOTE 2: We may have to limit numbers of technical visit participants depending on COVID-19 circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.