Technical Visit

The technical tour of ICRCS will be organized to visit Nishi Hongwanji Temple, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the head temple of the Hongwanji sect of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. The temple grounds are lined with masterpieces of architecture including the Amidado and the Karamon (National Treasure of Japan) and making it a must-see spot for sightseeing in Kyoto. This tour will also include the special viewing of Hiunkaku (Flying Cloud Pavilion), one of the three most famous pavilions in Japan. The restoration works have been commenced since 2017, and the detailed description of works will be explained in this tour. See this page for details. Enhance your knowledge from this technical visit and gain better understandings of regeneration and conservation of structures, the main theme of ICRCS!

Hiunkaku (Flying Cloud Pavilion)
Amidado (Hall of Amida Buddha)
Goeido (Founder's Hall)

NOTE 1: Please be notified that there is a possibility of change in schedule or cancellation, depending on COVID-19 circumstances.

NOTE 2: We may have to limit numbers of technical visit participants depending on COVID-19 circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.